What’s the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com? It’s a basic question that often goes overlooked when creating new sites, and it can cause plenty of headaches:

  • WordPress.com is a fully hosted website that allows you to build and customize your own website for free. It’s all browser-based, so there are no downloads involved. You just sign up for an account, choose a theme, and then point and click or drag and drop to start creating online.
  • WordPress.org is the site where you’ll find the WordPress software, which is free to download. In this case, WordPress refers to the popular blogging app you can download and install while hosting with a WP-friendly provider. This is often called self-hosted WordPress.

Now, let’s compare how the two stack up when it comes to cost, design, support, and storage. Then, we’ll cover how to from WordPress.com to the WordPress.org platform.

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