TL;DR: Alexandra

Alexandra is an accomplished product manager, web marketer, and C-level executive with nearly 10 years of experience delivering and communicating technical solutions to business stakeholders in competitive industries. Her professional specialties include product experience design, Agile methodologies, web marketing, content management, partner relations, and process improvement.

Word Nerd.

I fell in love with the written word at a young age; I'll credit my 4th grade teacher and my grandmother. I'm humbled to have written, copyedited, and ghost-written among some of the foremost players in the online content game.

Growth Hacker.

When employers ask what motivates me, I always answer the same: "more responsibility." Put more on my plate so I'm challenged to automate, become more efficient, and grow — without unnecessary expense. Take an underperforming metric and turn it around: This is a game I play to win.

Coffee Fiend.

Don't talk to me before I've had my coffee — in a custom mug with a no-doubt snarky phrase on it. My life runs on caffeine, and I'm proud to be a Starbucks Gold Member.

About Me

At home, I’m a Cat Mom. In the Agile Software Development space, I’m a Product Owner. At heart, I’m a word nerd and someone who gets a tad too excited about spreadsheets. Professionally, I help startups, sole proprietorships, and nonprofits translate conceptual business goals into successful realities. Personally, I’m always up for a cup of coffee, a new philanthropic venture, or a day at the beach.


This site is my virtual safe space — because grooming résumés, profiles, and portfolios is exhausting. I reserve the right to tinker as I’m stretching my technical muscles, and I also might disappear for a while if and when I get wrapped up in a project that excites me outside my domain. So, stay for a while or come back later… but welcome to my online home!


What People Say About Me...

We all have something to say. Let's hear from some clients and colleagues.

Lauren K.

Startup Founder

"If she doesn't know the answer, she will soon enough, as I witnessed countless times, whether she was improving the code on the site she managed or smoothing out our workflow through spreadsheet magic."


Brent G.

Marketing Professional

"Alexandra is an intelligent, well-rounded, hard-working professional. She is an asset to any team, and has the knowledge and leadership to achieve goals and add real value to an organization."


Larry G.

Organization President

"Our last developer practicallly ran away screaming. Thank you for taking our broken, frustrating websites and giving us a beautiful site we can independently manage."

My Published Past

Read recent articles I've written or ghost-written for prominent online brands.